Orchids Flowers!

Orchids are more of a trophy for a gardener. And why not? You cannot help but praise and be amazed at them. The scent, the color, and the blooms. It has each and every right to be that center of attraction.

Plus you have such a wide choice of colors and variety to choose from. One cannot just overlook the the blue orchid flower!, the most sought after. And not just in your gardens, orchids are great indoor plants as well. Whether as a potted flower or as a bouquet, they are sure to find its way to your home hawaii orchids. Whole Blossoms has a huge variety of orchids for sale. Plus, we provide orchid delivery right at your doorstep.

Just the right care and maintenance is required and you get a happily bloomed orchid. Quite worth it.

Cymbidium Orchid

A popular choice among the orchid family, these flowers usually bloom in winters. Though smaller in size, the color, and the bloom won’t leave you dissatisfied. Cymbidium orchids usually demand cool and dry conditions for their growth. You need to water them just once in a week during the summer months. However, this can be increased in winters. They come in various colors, with yellow and green orchid being the most bought.

Oncidium Orchid

Popularly known as “the dancing lady”, oncidium orchid is nothing but pure joy. The petals actually look like woman dancing, hence the name. Unlike the cymbidium, it requires lots of water for the growth and warmer temperatures. The blooms are long and large and colorful, the most popular being the yellow and purple orchid. They will dwell good enough as an indoor plant also.

Dendrobium Orchids

Well, to be honest, Dendrobiums are not what you call an easy plant. Actually, it’s a large genus and you have over thousand varieties to choose from. You need a thorough research on the Dendrobium variety you want to grow. The requirements vary for all. One common thing they all hold is their love for light. You need to have ample amount of light when dealing with them. Lavender color is the most common of this variety.

Mokara Orchids

This is one of the easiest to grow orchid variety. Unlike the rest, these can bloom all year round and produce some great flowers. They typically love the humid weather so it’s usually the best to have them indoors. They require a lot of water for their best growth. Take special care in summers, where you will need to water them almost daily. Have scissors handy at the first signs of wilting.

Vanda Orchids

Vanda and Mokara both make up some great exotic orchid species. However, these are great outdoor plants and will make your garden look great. It’s quite common to spot them in bouquets and baskets in any occasion. They love the warm temperatures and light throughout the day. They require being moist most of the time. But, remember not to over water them. You will just end up killing your beautiful orchid.