Vermiculite Attic Insulation

Vermiculite insulation Vermiculite is an organic mineral with remarkable qualities for insulating and resisting fire. It is the reason why it is used in many commercial and household applications including fire places, panels for acoustics brake linings, soilless growth product, attic insulation, and numerous other. When heated, it expands, like popcorn, into the shape of an accordion. This form of structure produces pockets of air , which is why it is a great insulation for the attic.

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Does Vermiculite a health risk?
Vermiculite by itself has not been shown to cause any health issues. has any negative health effects. The problem arises when vermiculite is made up of Asbestos. Between 1920 and 1990, an underground mine within Libby Montana produced contaminated Vermiculite. It was later offered as attic insulation by the trade name Zonolite (and possible other names).

Asbestos is a health hazard in the event that asbestos fibers are in the air that the occupants breathe. This is typically the case when the asbestos substance is damaged. If you notice vermiculite within your attic, keep clear of it. If it is left in the attic unattended, it could pose a minor or no health risk.

If you reside in an older home constructed before 1984, it is recommended to take the appropriate precautions while renovating your home. Asbestos was utilized in a variety like floor tiles, siding wall boards as well as joint and spackling compound and electrical wiring insulation HVAC duct insulation roof the shingles of a fireplace or furnace, as well as other. As such, you should seek out an environmental company before undertaking remodeling projects in older houses.

Does My Insulation Contain Asbestos?
It is difficult to tell if vermiculite has asbestos by just viewing it. There are times when you’ll discover empty Zonolite bags buried within the attic. If you’re worried about the insulation you have in your attic, call an environmental company to request a number of samples and then have them lab test. Don’t send samples yourself to test because of the possibility of exposure.

What Should I Do If My Attic Insulation contains Asbestos?
When the insulation in an area independent of the living space (behind the walls, floorboards, or isolated from an attic with ventilation from the outside) the recommendation is to be left vermiculite removal ottawa. The nature of vermiculite mean that the likelihood of inhaling into the air around the home is very low. Removal of asbestos-containing materials could cost thousands of dollars.